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I like meeting people, listen to them and their life stories. Sometimes I just watch them, sometimes I take pictures, sometimes I ask them to pose. These are friends, strangers, family members and people I met on my way.

Jacek - the writer, bird's specialist, ecologist
Ania - movie maker
Karol - teenager
Kuba - biologist, traveler, insect producer

For Polityka 2014
Radosław - armor maker
Jan Wróbel - history teacher, journalist
Monique - Canadiene, Acadiene, social worker, traveler
Szymon - stone worker, sculpterer
Woman from Tatra Mountains
Chello - sound engeneer, happy father
Bożena - artist, scenographer, costium designer
Agnieszka from "Recykled Renaissance", Px3 Paris honorable mention 2016
Marcin - writer, translator, publisher
Adam - movie maker
Justyna - psychiatrist
Ewa - trainer, creator, coach
Kasia - my neighbour
Sylwia - office manager
Ela - one of my best friend, graphic designer, businesswoman
Agnieszka - psychiatrist, traveler, photogrpher
Ula - sociologist, translator, pr specialist
Jerzy - retired, photography lover
Iza - sociologist
Jean-Philippe - political refugee from Congo (DRC)
Sylwia - workless
Ania i Marysia - twin sisters, students
Maks - etnology student, photographer
Julia - fashion designer