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Many refugees from Africa get to Poland not because they want to. They do not know that according to the Dublin Convention they have to apply for asylum in the first country of the European Union they get in. So they cross the border of Poland and go further. What could people who speak French, English, Portuguese and many African languages ​​do in Poland? They go where their diaspora already exists: to France, Belgium, England, Germany ... Stopped by the police they are deported to Poland. Once they leave the refugee center, they rent a bed in the hostel, a room or a flat to share. Poles very often refuse to rent to people with a different skin color. If they agree, they often offer places not renovated for a long time, small and dirty. Few of the Africans receive asylum. But even for those life in Poland is not easy because of the very difficult polish language, the fact that Poles do not or do not want to speak english. African women are most affected by loneliness. In their countries, they were always surrounded by family, friends and neighbors. Here they are always alone. All Africans meet racism. In the streets, while looking for a job, an apartment… They can not officially move to the countries where they diaspora exists. They like to dress well. Especially the men. They are like colorful birds trapped in the grey Polish reality.
Jean-Philippe/Democratic Republic of Congo
Jeff/Democratic Republic of Congo
Anouska/Congo Brazzaville
Frank/Democratic Republic of Congo
Godet/Democratic Republic of Congo