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Streets in Warsaw's Praga district. Daily walk with the dog. She finds slices of bread, hard-boiled eggs, pieces of ham, raw onion, boiled carrot … Bread, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, pasta, snacks, second courses, desserts, every day dishes and superfoods…

Since I have started to live in the block of flats eight years ago, I'm watching how much food lies beneath it. Usually thrown out of the window lands on the grass. Sometimes on the sidewalk and asphalt. Less often, someone puts them further: to the square or under the tree. The higher the block and the less structured area around, the more food under it.

I began to photograph these "leftovers". After a year I have several hundred shots. If you multiply it by the number of blocks in Warsaw and other cities in Poland, tons of food would accumulate. The phenomenon takes place in the majority of polish cities where supermarkets appeared and with them cheap food.

Food has become almost a religion. Everyone talks about it, analyzes it, cooks are celebrities, food trends embrace the rich global north to which Poland belongs. Everything revolves around food. On the other hand, so much is wasted.
Meanwhile, there are people who still do not eat enough. In Warsaw 23,000 children are starving. In Poland, 800,000 are undernourished. In total 1 600 000 of Poles live in the extreme poverty.

Why food is lying on the lawn? Who are the people throwing it out the window? What do they think when they do it? What does this testify to us as a society? na trawie.jpg na trawie 2.jpg na trawie 1.jpg na trawie 3.jpg na ziemi.jpg liście 3.jpg liście.jpg liście 3.jpg na ziemi 2.jpg na ziemi 6.jpg na ziemi 5.jpg na ziemi.jpg trawa 2.jpgśnieg.jpg