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Hallera Square Pupils

Hallera Square in Warsaw's Praga district is special because a lot of people there have pets. I decided to take pictures of those animals and their owners and ask for their stories. Lots of animals were taken from the shelter, found abandoned in the forest or in the city. I wanted during this short project not only take pictures but also make people meet and know a little bit better.

Ula and Mefi
Roma and Reksio
Hania and Pusia
Marzena and Sara
Tomek and Diego
Daria and Lili
Teresa and Szagal
Kalina and Mufka
Bożena, Franek and Szadok
Beata and Rico
Krystyna with Perełka and Pepsi
Andrzej and Dżeki
Izabella with Kenzo
Izabella with Wektra and Kiki
Joanna and Józio
Ania, Mirek and Mika
Kasia, Basza, Aisza, Gizmo and Kapsel
Emilia and Rico
Monika, Piotr, Emilia, Igor and Molly
Łukasz, Blejk and Hera
Magda with Fela
Maria and Pele
Ula, Zou and Taco
Angelika, Łukasz, Gabryś and Korso
Joanna and Dora
Iza with Lana
Ewa and Tajga
Bogusia with Tofifi
Ela and Rambo
Piotr and Kira
Marzena with Kira